Did you ever wish you could be a child again? How easy was everything back then? You could just hang out with your friends and play, explore the world around you and discover new things every day. Life was just a happy playground where you could go on constant explorations.

Lifegarten is bringing back this feeling of open playfulness within a judgment-free environment. It’s like a kindergarten for adults.

At the Lifegarten we play games and make-believe, go on curiosity walks, do art and crafts and create stories and so on.

Lifegarten will relieve you from day-to-day stress. It lets you explore your creativity and open your mind to make new connections and form new ideas. It’s also a great place to make new friends and gain perspective. Most importantly it’s a space to have fun and be silly.

Just come to our next Lifegarten – Play Time session and see the world with children’s eyes again.

Eike Zeller created and is running Lifegarten. He believes that when we can see the world and ourselves in different ways, we will get a more wholesome picture of who we really are. Doing improv comedy and theatre for over 3 years gave him valuable insights on how we interact. These interactions brought a lot of colour to his life. Within Lifegarten Eike is creating a space to foster these human interactions through play. Lifegarten is part of Vast Experiences, a social enterprise to inspire and enable people to connect as well as share and expand their perspective.

In his free time, Eike loves striking up conversations with strangers, exploring world around him on curiosity walks, and having pot-luck dinners at his home.