Rediscover your inner child. Play Time is an afternoon filled with fun, silliness and creativity that gets you out of your daily routine. It’s a kindergarten for adults. A space where you can be yourself again. By engaging in a playful manner you will unleash your creativity, form connections, and see things from a new perspective.

During Play Time we play games and make-believe, go on curiosity walks, do arts and crafts, tell and make up stories, make new friends, be silly and have fun.

Come along and see the world with children’s eyes again.

PS if there is a game you loved playing as kid and would like to play it again, bring it to Play Time and we will play it together.

The next Lifegarten Play Time Session will on Saturday, August 24 from 3:00pm to 5:30pm in at Neighbourhood in Fitzroy.

Book your spot here and sign up for the facebook event.

This month, Zac Stavrodromy will invite us to rediscover the liberating perspective of our ‘inner child’ by creating a chimera avatar. The metaphor of the chimera, or 3 partimaginary animal, gathers insights from our head ( creativity), heart ( connectivity) and gut (a call to action). We aim to explore our embodied chimera when these 3 areas of intelligence align to rediscover courage within. This enables us to navigate new social and emotional landscapes that challenge us in our everyday lives.